Auto LPG

Auto LPG

LPG is a Cleaner Fuel & comes with the advantage of cost benefits. The global consumption of Auto LPG has risen by over 40 percent over the past 10 years, fuelled by environmental concerns. More than 26 million vehicles run on Auto LPG globally, supported by close to 71,000 LPG Filling Stations. Global Auto LPG consumption exceeds 26 Million Tonnes, in comparison to India still at about 0.35 Million Tonnes level. South Korea leads the world in the usage of this clean auto fuel with sales of more than 4 million tonnes annually. More than 70 countries use Auto LPG in vehicles to help clean their urban air and clean environment. Among the Key nations that have successfully adopted this green fuel for their transportation requirements are South Korea, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Australia, Italy, Mexico, USA, Russia & China.

As the government propagates use of cleaner fuels to cut vehicular pollution, powering automobiles on LPG offers a viable solution with abundant supply and lower prices. LPG enjoys tremendous supply security with a favourable existing and future pricing outlook, making it attractive for its increased usage as automotive fuel globally and in India. In India, Auto LPG is been cheaper than petrol by almost 45-50 percent. & has almost 50 percent lesser particulate matter (PM) emissions than CNG and petrol and 80 percent lower PM than diesel, with lower CO2 emissions. Moreover, LPG has been classified by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC) for having a global warming potential of zero, implying that is not a greenhouse gas.

As on date pollution has become a grave matter of concern, vehicles running on petrol and diesel playing a major role to increase the pollution Therefore, a Network of Auto LPG dispensing stations is the need of the Nation.

PURTIGAS offers ALDS dealership as per international standards and conforming to all requirements of the statutory authorities .Our ALDS is mainly available in  DODO ( Dealer Owned & Dealer Operated ) Model along with our full-fledged assistance in Business, Marketing, Safety, and Training. We extend our business proposal  to join this venture that with hone your entrepreneurial spirit.

Basic Requirement

  • The land can be owned or leased by the applicant
  • Land should be of Clear Title & for Commercial usage
  • Minimum Area Required: Within City – Area – 8000 Sq Ft ( Front – 75 Ft), On State Highway – 12000 Sq Ft ( Front –100 Ft), On National Highway – 20000 Sq Ft ( Front – 115 Ft), Smaller Sites can also be looked into where in our Sales Team can assess viability & guide.
  • Land should not be located near any place of Worship,School,Hospital ,Bridge and Public Meeting Place.
  • The approximate investment for a DODO ALDS is Rs.60,00,000 excluding Land.
  • Prior Business Experience in Ownership/Management of Petrol Pump is an added Advantage


  • Application Form submission with photocopies of land documents
  • Site Inspection to be done by team of Sales & Technical Personnel, due diligence of documents & feasibility assessment of site
  • The shortlisted applicant should appear before the selection panel at Corporate Office for evaluation.
  • Issuance of LOI subject to fulfilling of all requirements as per norms
  • Initial Drawing and Site Approval
  • Start NOC Process
  • Begin civil work
  • Installation and commissioning of plant and machinery
  • Application to PESO for final grant of the license
  • Inspection from PESO
  • Grant of final license


Benefits with Purti Gas

Purti Gas is a leading player with rich experience in the Auto LPG business and having PAN India presence.

Purtigas has “ No 1 “ Rating Certificate from MDRA for its Technical Excellence, Prompt Customer Service, Strong Distribution Network  and Full Commitment to Safety. Our Auto Grade LPG conforms to BIS 14861

All the activities in our company are executed in an ethical manner by following industry set rules & regulations.

Integrity, honesty, transparency and punctuality are some of the core values we follow in our business.

Our ALDS is set up on a turnkey basis by our Expert Team of Experienced Technical Professionals in conformance with all technical standards, statutory rules and safety standards.

Marketing Support through Branding, Schemes and various Outdoor activities

Best In Class Supply Chain & Logistics Management thereby ensuring uninterrupted supply of LPG & availability of product to our customers.

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