Commercial LPG

LPG for Hotels & Industry

LPG is used in various applications in Commercial Segments such as Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Bakery, etc. For Commercial  Applications, Purti Gas offers commercial cylinders in various sizes 17 Kg & 21 Kg which are designed specifically for customer requirements.

Key Benefits

Timely Delivery


Superior Quality and Assured Quantity

Cleaner & Economical Fuel compared to other alternatives

No Pilferage

Extensive Dealership Network

LOT (Liquid Off Take) System

We also offer a LOT System for commercial & Industrial usage of LPG having the following benefits.

  • Strength of Bulk LPG Installation and easy functionality as that of Cylinder manifold.
  • Caters to Volumes up to 250Kg per Hour
  • Occupies Lesser Space.
  • Easy to handle & conforms to High Safety Standards.
  • The LOT Systems are highly cost effective as there is no residual loss.

Safety Tips

  • Ensure adequate ventilation and raise alarm or shout in case of leakage.
  • Try and keep the cylinders in a cool place and at a safe distance from sparks, flames and high heat.
  • Avoid using LPG in windy situations and immediately suspend all operations in case of unsafe situations.
  • Put on safety cap and place the LPG cylinder in an open area when suspected valve leakage.
  • Read operating instructions mentioned by the manufacturer carefully before use

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