Industrial LPG

LPG for Hotels & Industry


LPG is used in various Industrial applications which include Heat Treatment, Fiber Singeing (Textile), Galvanizing, Case Hardening, Plastic Moulding, Powder Coating, Seed Drying etc .

For Industrial Applications, Purti Gas offers commercial cylinders in various sizes 33 Kg(VOT)  & 33 Kg (LOT)  which are designed  specific to customer requirement.

Key Benefits

Increased Fuel Savings

Uniformity in Temperature and Precise temperature control

Better Heat Transfer with LPG Firing

No Wastage of Fuel due to Spillage and Adulteration

Uniformity and Increased End Product Quality

Lower Maintenance Costs of Burners, Ovens and Furnaces

Cleaner Burning and Sulphur-Free Emissions

LOT (Liquid Off Take) System

We also offer a LOT System for commercial & Industrial usage of LPG having the following benefits.

  • Strength of Bulk LPG Installation and easy functionality as that of Cylinder manifold.
  • Caters to Volumes upto 250Kg per Hour
  • Occupies Lesser Space.
  • Easy to handle & conforms to High Safety Standards.
  • The LOT Systems are highly cost effective as there is no residual loss.


Safety Tips

  • Ensure adequate ventilation and raise alarm or shout in case of leakage.
  • Try and keep the cylinders in a cool place and at a safe distance from sparks, flames and high heat.
  • Avoid using LPG in windy situations and immediately suspend all operations in case of unsafe situations.
  • Put on safety cap and place the LPG cylinder in an open area when suspected valve leakage.
  • Read operating instructions mentioned by the manufacturer carefully before use.

LPG Conversion Solutions

If your manufacturing unit is using unreliable, polluting conventional fuel, it’s time you convert to our reliable, efficient LPG.

Please feel free to talk to our experts who will take you through the conversion process which is easy and hassle-free. With our team’s vast experience and expertise in converting several industries from HSD, LDO, Furnace Oil, Electricity, Coal to LPG, we are sure you will reap the benefits of Purti Gas LPG – an Exceptional Energy source

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